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I suggest that WWE puts Orton in a feud with Bray Wyatt..

And they put him with..




What should WWE do next with Bray Wyatt?

The curious case of the Eater of Worlds only gets more and more confusing as the weeks go by. Last July following the debut of Bray and his Family, the patriarch was on top of, ahem, had the whole world in his hands.

His initial feud on non-NXT programming against Kane is exactly what every new heel would’ve wanted. In an effort to put Bray over as the next monster heel, he dominated the Big Red Machine in a short, yet effective program.

Following that, he was pushed into a feud with the man who was easily the most over babyface in the WWE at that time, Daniel Bryan. In my opinion, this was one of the most compelling stories told by WWE in years. After plenty of twists and turns, Bray and Daniel delivered a match-of-the-year candidate at January’s Royal Rumble PPV.

After the Rumble, Bray really looked like he was headed for that top-heel status that many felt he was destined for upon his debut six months prior. Then, he hit WWE’s glass ceiling.

That glass ceiling has a name, and its name is John Cena. I don’t blame the WWE for putting Bray up against Cena. He is (at least they believe he is) the top babyface in the company. What better way to catapult Wyatt into superstardom than by having him collide with the biggest dog in the yard?

Well, here’s where it all went wrong.

John Cena didn’t put Wyatt over in the least. Wyatt didn’t even have to win the feud to get that boost he needed. Whether Cena planned to or not is up for debate, but he buried Wyatt. Repeated losses to Cena made Wyatt look weak and WWE’s decision to make Bray a singer killed all of his momentum.

Now, WWE’s resident cult leader is entwined in a feud with Chris Jericho. Another sensible move by WWE here, Jericho is known for putting over young talent now that he is in the latter portion of his career. However, the feud hasn’t garnered much attention from the WWE Universe; likely due to the recycled nature of Wyatt’s promos and what looks to me like a nearly-complete lack of chemistry between the two in the ring.

Okay, history lesson is over. So, what should WWE do next with Bray Wyatt? Call it a fantasy booking or whatever you like, but to me, the answer lies in someone who just finished getting another eventual top star over at Summerslam.

Randy Orton.

Now I know what you IWC kids are saying. “Not Randy BORE-ton! He’s awful.” First of all, that whole Bore-ton thing is completely out of bounds. Orton is easily the best in-ring talent the WWE has and if you can’t see that, stop watching wrestling. Seriously.

Have Orton turn face and watch the magic happen in the ring between these two. He can make anyone look like a million bucks in that ring, just look at what he’s done for Roman Reigns. Plus, I think his IED-stricken, loose cannon babyface persona will mesh extremely well with Bray Wyatt’s in a properly-booked feud.

So there you have it. What should WWE do with Bray Wyatt? Feed him to the Viper.



CZDUB »» that pansy ass ROH..



CZDUB »» that pansy ass ROH..

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And I thought smart marks were fangirls who obsess over wrestlers’ personal lives and talk about their kids like it’s your business blow my mind.

Just watch the wrestling and enjoy it for what it is. Wrestling’s supposed to be fun. Seems like that’s been lost because of these psychotic fangirls and smart marks who shit on everything.

You people don’t even know what good wrestling is…go watch WCCW. Watch 80s WCW when psychology in the ring meant more than spots and just getting your shit in. Educate yourself.

Stop obsessing over stuff THAT IS NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS. I guarantee you that your “idol” would want a restraining order if they saw how you talk about them. Know your role. You’re a fan. A mark. You have no connection to these people other than that, whether you like it or not.

Leave the families out of it. Obsess over the wrestler all you want. People like this are the reason why kayfabe is dead. But the minute someone makes it real, calls them by their real name, delves into their personal life, that’s when you need to take a step back. If it were you, would you want that to happen to you and your family?



I need one of these bad boys for my birthday next week!

I need one of these bad boys for my birthday next week!



Fantasy Booking: A new Faction takes WWE by storm.

NOTE: I am fully aware that the chances of this situation actually panning out are virtually zero. Thought came to me earlier and I figured I’d share it with you guys.

Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan, Cesaro. Arguably the three best in-ring performers that WWE has on their payroll today.

Imagine this: Vince buys out TNA which opens the door for Ring of Honor to take their rightful place as the US’s #2 wrestling promotion. Ring of Honor then gets a TV deal and begins to play up all of its past talent that now works in the WWE. The three main selling points? You guessed it: Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan and Cesaro.

At first, the three men remain separate entities and ignore ROH’s talk altogether. Eventually, they join forces realizing that they all need to fight for their original home promotion. They aim to help ROH attempt to usurp the WWE as the US’s wrestling superpower.

Bryan, Rollins and Cesaro claim that their faction has no leader. Until another former ROH mainstay shows his face on WWE TV:

Kevin Steen.

Steen is, in my opinion, the best promo guy in the business. Having wrestled around the indies for more than a decade, he’s more than credible enough to lead this faction against the WWE.

Throw in other Indy companies like CZW and New Japan and we could have another Alliance-type angle on our hands, but with younger, fresher and unknown talent that deserves more of the spotlight.

Man, I have way too much time on my hands.




The fact that Jon Stewart loves wrestling as much as I do makes me love Jon Stewart even more.

My newest fantasy is to get baked & watched a ppv with Jon Stewart. 

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Dean Ambrose ± FCW Quotes 

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Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.
Khalil Gibran




being in love is terrifying. he has the power to break my heart into a million pieces, and all i can do is trust that he wont. i know it cant be easy loving a girl with a mental illness, i still have doubts sometimes that maybe my next episode will push him off the edge and he’ll leave…